a-e-i-o-u  is a sound collective. a concert of a-e-i-o-u  is an experience. While improvising they explore the tension between musicality and the visual/performative actions. The search for friendship, collective value and trust is at the enter of their practice. 

After years of dreaming and hard work, it’s finally here: they release their first music record. With Opbrakel  as the title, they proudly present three recordings of an improvisation as were played during the summer of 2020. 

An old farm in the Belgian countryside formed the perfect backdrop for a group of 20 young musicians who lived and played together for one week. A former stable was transformed into a studio and they made 16 hours of recordings.  

A cooking crew took care of body and mind, while the petanque field provided for the perfect break. After breakfast, the musicians were called in. Cloths were draped over the feeders and while chattering everyone took their seat. Around six microphones led the sound trough recording equipment and into the computer. 

From all these recordings they chose three pieces with rather appropriate titles: Dinsdagmiddag (Tuesday noon), Vrijdagochtend (Friday morning) & Woensdagavond (Wednesday evening).

For once they want to immortalize their improvised music. Opbrakel are three paused moments that they would like to share and remember.  


+/- 240 minutes (continuously from 2 to 6 pm)