• © Chris Van der Burght

  • © Chris Van der Burght

A shot sounds  

A bird falls  

Three figures provide invisible feathers of soft dying sound  


In Silly Symphonies, three performers depict through sound a world where, as an audience, you become a witness to a succession of unforeseen endings: from crashing cars to shot birds, from sinking fishermen to crashing paratroopers.   

Are they complicit in the endless ending or do they provide sound to what would otherwise pass by unnoticed?  

Which fantasies are shot to shreds, which expand slowly? Which imaginations whisper softly and reassuringly once all sound is gone?   

Using the auditory medium of bruitage, Marius Lefever, Jef Van der Burght & Senne Vanderschelden tackle these questions in a playful, sometimes almost clownish way, without shying away from the darker corners of humanity.


Language no problem
Duration: +- 60 minutes


This performance is part of Smells Like Circusa festival by VIERNULVIER and Miramiro in collaboration with CAMPO, KOPERGIETERY, Circuscentrum and Cultuurcentrum Evergem. View the full program here.

Silly Symphonies is an EIGEN KWEEK-production.