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  • Motherbaby - Marieke&Sophia

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  • Motherbaby

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Motherbaby is the new performance by Marieke&Sophia, the young theatre duo whose work disrupts the social meaning of femininity. Now, together with theatre maker and actress Kristien De Proost, they dive into the world of motherhood, unknown to them.  

As (young) women who (n)ever want to become mothers, Marieke, Sophia and Kristien navigate their way through their expectations and fears in this performance. Playing with our visual culture, they explore the stigmatising clichés surrounding the figure of the mother.   
What do we hide when we lavish 'the mother' with sentimentality? And why does she become the scapegoat when society fails? Motherbaby is a bricolage musical, in which the actors sing of the mother-child bond in all its contradictory facets. They take you into the twilight zone between love and aggression. 

In English with Dutch subtitles
Duration: +/- 50 minutes



With just a handful of sentences, the trio exposes the oppressive dynamic and destructive dependency between mothers and daughters.

Etcetera - Charlotte De Somviele,