The Brussels school for contemporary dance P.A.R.T.S. (Performing Arts Re-search and Training Studios) offers a curriculum in two separate cycles: a Training cycle and a research project Research Studios. Previously, both cycles took two years each, but in 2013 the Training cycle was extended to three years. In this way, the program reconnects with the early years of PARTS (1995-2000), when the program also consisted of three study years. The Research Studios were developed into an autonomous research trajectory, which is detached from a direct preparation for a career in the professional field.

The three-year Training cycles is organised only once every three years, which makes the program very exclusive. The first generation of students started their course in 2013; in September 2016 a second group will start.

The first generation consisted of 53 students at the start. In June, 35 will gradu-ate.

The Training cycle is concluded with a creation directed by a choreographer. Every student dances in one of these pieces. P.A.R.T.S. invited 5 choreographers to create a new work over a period of 6 weeks. These 5 creations and a selection of personal work by the students go on tour in June and can be seen in theaters in Belgium and some neighboring countries.


14/6: Wars & Dances (a ritual of ‘lore’) - Eszter Salamon (75')

Lore is "a cultural commonplace that is available to all but belongs to no one. Against the blackmail of identity and its assembly" (Omar Berrada). Salamon reflects with 12 dancers on history and identity. Which (dance) history do we know, how and what do we learn about this history and how can we transform this into a more eman-cipatory experience?

Eszter Salamon’s work navigates between medias such as voice, sound, text and movement. Her practice of ‘alternative narration’ uses documentary and fiction.

choreography Eszter Salamon performed by Liza BALIASNAJA, Sidney Barnes, Amanda Barrio  Charmelo, Suelem Cristina Da Silva, Nikita Alexandrovich Chumakov, Anika Edström Kawaji, Bilal El Had, Cassiel Gaube, Stefan Govaart, Noé Pellencin, Laura-Maria Poletti, Kamola Rashidova Kaxxarovna

15/6: Six potentialities - Fabrice Mazliah - 40’

The knowledge of a dancer does not only consist of facts and measures. It is in the first place physical. Mazliah researches how this implicit knowledge can be shared with an audience and how this will produce something new. The piece is a part of a collection of works created around the piece In Act and Thought, created in June 2015 for and with The Forsythe Company.

Fabrice Mazliah (Switzerland) was for many years member of William For-sythe’s Ballett Frankfurt and The Forsythe Company. He is a co-founder of the choreographer’s collective MaMaZa.

choreography Fabrice Mazliah created in collaboration with and performed by Eleni Ellada Damianou, Fannie Falk, Theodore Livesey, Karolina Loimaala, Akiyoshi Nita, Emeric Rabot


BREAK: 15’


15/6: End-World Mosaic - Daniel Linehan – 45’

Inspired by Markus Gabriel’s book Why the World Does Not Exist, Daniel Linehan starts from the viewpoint that there is not one but many worlds. The non-existence of one single all-encompassing world is not cause for nihilism, but rather a source of freedom. Liberated from the idea of unity, Linehan creates a fascinating and attractive disorder.

Daniel Linehan (United States), himself a graduate of PARTS, always looks for the border between dance and not-dance. This leads to unexpected links, contradictions and parallels between movements, texts, images, songs and rhythms.

choreography Daniel Linehan creation and performance Frank Gizycki, Gorka Gurrutxaga Arruti, Robin Haghi, Yuika Hashimoto, Sien Van Dycke en Jara Vlaeminckx.