• © Koen Broos

  • © Koen Broos

What is behind that curtain? 

New York, the 1970s. Underground, punk and new wave, the Factory, leather jackets, heroin, hedonism. And: Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed. She an avant-garde interdisciplinary genius, he the enfant terrible of rock and roll. She niche, he popular. She still alive, he no longer. She: O Superman. He: Walk on the Wild Side. Both iconic and each in their own way defiant, stubborn, loud, sensitive and mysterious. And ultimately lovers.  

He is Mitch Van Landeghem, she is Carine van Bruggen. They work together, live together and compete. They are jealous, obsessed, bringing out the best and the worst in each other. They are provocative, yet kind. They want to make beautiful things as well as destroy beautiful things. They lie awake, surrender, love in a life full of art and make art in a life of self-mythologising. So they are actually exactly like Laurie and Lou.  

Laurie & Lou is a duet between two young creators and a pseudo-musical portrait of two icons. But above all, it is a wild clusterfuck of those four personalities – an equally imagined and heartfelt attempt to become an icon and be iconic together without being in each other's shadow.  

Mitch Van Landeghem and Carine van Bruggen make up the current young collective of DE HOE, where they previously collaborated on and starred in Opening Night. With Laurie & Lou, they conclude their period with the company.