Once again CAMPO, in collaboration with NTGent, KASK, LUCA & RITCS, opens its doors for 35 art students, 10 external participants and 16 professional artists, from writers to visual artists and a variety of performing artists. Over five days, the participants will get to know these experienced artists very closely. How does a creator think? How does a thinker create? Where do they find inspiration? And do these experienced artists have the same doubts as the young makers? 

The participants will share their thoughts, experiences and try-outs with each other during the sharing moments. If you would like to experience such a moment, you are very welcome in CAMPO victoria at 19:30, every day except on Thursday 12th September. 

Do you want to participate? That’s possible! 

Send a short motivation and CV to manuel@campo.nu by August 18. From August 19 you will know if you are selected.
Please note: each day After Summer School lasts from 10am to 9pm. Except on Thursdays, then it is from 10am to 6pm.

250€ (food included) 

Sharing moments? 
On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 19:30 in CAMPO victoria (not on Thursday 12/09). 
Free without reservation. 


  • Carolina Bianchi
  • Alexandra Broeder
  • Vaast Colson
  • Elias De Bruyne
  • Sophie Guisset
  • Tine Guns
  • Pol Heyvaert
  • Louis Janssens
  • Jaha Koo
  • Mustafa Kör
  • Benjamin Meirhaeghe
  • Cherish Menzo & Steven Michel
  • Sharon Van Overmeiren
  • Ezra Veldhuis