in collaboration with CAMPO, Design museum Gent, Design Triënnale, KABK & KASK / School of Arts Gent

A Do-It-Together theatrical installation encouraging real encounters in hyperconnected times.

With HALL05 the Dutch-Belgian collective TAAT takes the idea of architecture as theatre to the extreme. Set in the interior of the historic Sint Niklaas-church HALL05 is a Do-It-Together-theatre-installation that addresses the value of real people meeting each other in real space. Without the use of words.

In these times of ‘hyperconnectivity’ technological inventions take us increasingly deeper into our virtual reality. At the same time more and more scientific research is pointing out the fundamental value of ‘real’ human contact. HALL05 is a play for two that allows participants from a multitude of backgrounds, cultures, believes and lifestyles to explore interaction on a human scale.

HALL05 is a low-tech theatre-installation in which ordinary behaviour turns into a spontaneous performance. Together with an unknown other you enter this wooden ‘hyper-reality’, engaging with each other whilst the installation triggers and stimulates your interaction.

After Maastricht (HALL01), Cologne (HALL02), Kortrijk (HALL03) and Berlin (HALL04), HALL05 is the fifth part of HALL33, a long term research-project through which TAAT is both exploring and practicing the idea of ‘architectural dramaturgy’. HALL05 was developed and designed in an ‘offline open source process’ involving over 30 European theatre and/or architecture professionals, experts, and students.


12-27 November 2016 - ON LOCATION: Sint-Niklaaskerk, Ghent
MON-FRI: 13:00 > 18:00 
SAT-SUN: 10:00 > 18:00