Volmir Cordeiro shows the body in all its various states. He is a vagabond, a transvestite, a beggar, a farmer, an Indian, a rebel... Between dance and mime he seems to come from a Renaissance painting in which the fools and the poor were portrayed in burlesque representations. Volmir Cordeiro explores the emotions and humanity behind the stranger and the marginalized; he gives a unique beauty back to the poor and needy of history.

Born in 1987 in Brazil, Volmir Cordeiro firstly graduated in theater and worked with the Brazilian choreographers Alejandro Ahmed, Cristina Moura et Lia Rodrigues. Cordeiro graduated in 2012 from Essais, Angers Choreographic Center’s experimental dance training, with Céu, a much regarded solo work that extensively toured European and Brazilian dance festivals, and he is now working on a PhD thesis on the figures of marginality in contemporary dance.

Cordeiro has performed in the projects of Xavier Le Roy, Laurent Pichaud, Rémy Héritier, Emmanuelle Huynh, Jocelyn Cottencin et Vera Mantero.

In 2014, he created the solo Inês, and in 2015, the duet Epoque with the Paris based chilean dancer Marcela Santander Corvalán. He has just closed a first cycle of his work, made of the three solos : Céu, Inês and Rue (created in october 2015 at Musée du Louvre, in collaboration with FIAC).



CC Evergem, Vooruit and CAMPO are joining forces once again for the second edition of DAG/NACHT VAN DE DANS. This year you get to embark on a unique road trip taking you by three houses and several dance performances. A short but powerful solo by a rising talent, a moving performance by dancers with and without a disability, and a rousing performance of international top choreographers to take it into the night.

Just like during the previous season you can buy a combo ticket: an all-inclusive for €30 gets you three performances and the after-party, an aperitif, a snack and transportation.


Céu – Volmir Cordeiro / location: CAMPO nieuwpoort / 30'
Tickets: unit 5€ or combiticket (book your tickets on this page)

Monkey Mind – Platform K & les ballets C de la B / Lisi Estaras / location: CC Evergem
Tickets: 13€ / 10€ / 6,50€ (book your tickets at CC Evergem) or combiticket

‘Encounter’ is what the performance is about. Can five individuals with a mind of their own truly meet and connect? And to what extent is their encounter influenced by the fact that three of them have Down syndrome?

Is it possible to make contact? To connect? That’s what Lisi Estaras and her five dancers try to find out in Monkey Mind.

altered natives’ Say Yes To Another Excess – TWERK – Cecilia Bengolea & François Chaignaud + PARTY  / location: Vooruit
Tickets: 16€ / 12€ (book your tickets at Vooruit) or combiticket

Cecilia Bengolea and François Chaignaud have roamed night clubs across the world since their teens. What started out as ordinary nights out quickly evolved into getting the hang of dance moves from various scenes. In altered natives’ Say Yes To Another Excess – TWERK Cecilia and François, together with three other dancers, explore one style: grime, an intense mix of dancehall, hip hop and UK garage.

also part of the programme:
Dancing in Jaffa (movie) / 15u / location: Studio S3 van les ballets C de la B / 90'
Free tickets (book through S3@lesballetscdela.be)