dive into a love letter

from one scarecrow to another

they have SUPERNATURAL abilities and perform rituals

to heal together

they suffer from trauma and anxiety

and are banned to a forgotten valley of dying stars

a beating heart

or is it a beach?

the two scarecrows became guardians of the night

and spoon in harmony

trying to protect each other

from danger


- Have you ever felt like you wanted to explode?

- No, but we could explode together if you like…

- That’s impossible

- You haven’t seen anything my friend! The horror, the drama, I am a river!


Deze voorstelling maakt deel uit van GRADUATION 2021 | DRAMAFESTIVAL waarin bachelor- en masterstudenten van KASK drama hun afstudeerwerk presenteren. Verwacht u aan averechts en klassiek drama, cross-overs, performances en multidisciplinaire projecten.