CAMPO is a Ghent (Belgium) based arts centre with a diverse programme, ranging from theatre, dance and performance to festivals, neighbourhood kitchens and debates. We create performances which tour internationally, and support artists throughout their artistic process. 

One could see CAMPO as a toolbox for artists, a house that covers the whole spectrum of performing arts: research & development, production, touring & presentation.

CAMPO has 3 sites in Ghent to work and present: CAMPO nieuwpoort, CAMPO victoria and THE BOMA

CAMPO creates

There are always artists at work: Anna Franziska Jäger & Nathan Ooms, Camping Sunset, Jaha Koo, Julian Hetzel, Silke Huysmans & Hannes Dereere, NEIN, Kristien De Proost, Louis Vanhaverbeke, Frankie, Florentina Holzinger, Kim Noble, Rodrigo Batista, Frank&Robbert Robbert&Frank, Sarah Vanhee…

CAMPO presents

Besides our own productions we also present national and international work from other companies. With events, festivals and happenings such as Mayday Mayday, CAMPO Party, After Summer School or Buurtkeuken we open our doors for unexpected encounters between the artists and the public.

CAMPO tours

Our productions tour all over the world. Last season CAMPO presented more than 200 shows, from Seoul to Singapore, from Rotterdam to Rome.

Check out our upcoming tour dates.

CAMPO supports

CAMPO not only creates performances itself, but also supports various artists looking for a rehearsal space, technical expertise or (pre- or post-) production support.

CAMPO supports


Refu Interim aims to promote the social and professional self-reliance of asylum seekers, refugees and other migrant groups. They do this by offering them an enthusiastic and socio-artistic preparation path, which culminates in a sustainable commitment as a volunteer within the broad social, cultural and leisure sector. By including some volunteers in the operation, CAMPO commits itself as an active partner of Refu Interim.



CAMPO joins HART BOVEN HARD ("HEART OVER HARD"), a growing citizens' movement that brings people and organisations together because they are concerned about the cuts made by the Flemish and Belgian governments. The initiative opposes an overly economic view of our society and defends solidarity, value over profit and oxygen for people.


Ghent Arts Council

Ghent is a city in full swing and where the administration is facing tough challenges, social and economic. An urban arts policy can and must deal with these as well. That is why we are taking the step towards a structural consultation within the arts sector, in the form of the Gents Kunstenoverleg (GKO, "Ghent Arts Council"). In short, it is about dialogue, reflection, policy advice and advocacy of, with and by the Ghent arts sector. Within this umbrella structure, CAMPO is also an active member of Green Track, a branch of the GKO with the aim of making the cultural sector and society more ecological and sustainable. The organisations within the network join forces and exchange expertise: ranging from sustainable building management over vegetarian catering to jointly purchasing sustainable energy.