Maxim Storms (he/him) graduated with highest honors from the KASK School of Arts / Ghent in 2012. With Katrien Valckenaers, he founded the two-man collective Ballet Dommage. Together they create various projects (both inside and outside the theater, for children and adults) that reconcile themselves with the everyday and each time seek a unique encounter with the spectator. At CAMPO in 2013, with the city project VOLK:Fragment 1, they went door to door for a month to delight residents, unexpectedly, with a short, free theatrical performance. That was followed by VOLK:Fragment 2 (2016), in which they brought the theater to people's garages, mobilizing the entire neighborhood for "a piece of theater.

With Lobke Leirens at TAZ#2014, Maxim Storms created the labyrinth performance KROCHT, based on Dante Alighieri's Inferno. In 2017, Storms and Leirens created Another One together (premiered 02/2017 and selected for Circuit X 2017-2018), focusing on man's "primal" desire to step outside himself. As an actor, Maxim Storms was also involved in performances by Tuning People (Bonte Nacht) and Het Kwartier/Freek Mariën (Vergiet, Wachten en Andere Heldendaden).

In 2016, Maxim Storms joined CAMPO as a solo resident for the first time. He seized the support to conduct focused research into his own artistic language, working on a permanently evolving web/collection/catalog consisting of musical pieces, jabbertalk monologues, abstract collages, fabulous choreographies, sculptures with sponge and brush, photographs/portraits, sound and video fragments, ... The first residency culminated in the show moment there's a great performance coming soon (02/2016) in which Storms for the first time brought all these elements together roughly in the theater hall. Starting in May 2017, he continued his research, again in residency at CAMPO, to present his first solo performance, Brother Blue, in the fall of 2017. Brother Blue is a personal portrait, about a world where nothing is certain yet, and how to relate to it as an individual.

The Standard calls Maxim Storms "the Charlie Chaplin of his generation" because of the slapstick that characterizes Storms' acting style.

Together with Linde Carrijn, Maxim also founded Brik Tu-Tok, a quirky raw & catchy musical universe full of household knickknacks and various tam-tams.

His latest solo NUGGETS premiered at CAMPO in March 2023.