Kristien De Proost (1972) is a Belgian actress and theatre-maker. She studied Dutch and English at the University of Leuven and obtains a Master's degree in Theatre at Studio Herman Teirlinck in Antwerp in 2000. From then on she works as a freelancer for Het Toneelhuis, CAMPO, Bronks and LOD, among others.

From 2004 to 2017 she was part of the artistic core of the Brussels theatre collective Tristero. With Tristero she made and played repertoire shows and creations, regularly in collaboration with the French-speaking Brussels collective Transquinquennal. The often multilingual performances performed in Belgium and abroad. 

In 2013, as part of Tristero, she created her first solo performance, for which she herself provided the text: Toestand, a theatrical self-portrait on a treadmill. The performance was selected for the TheaterFestival. 

In 2017 Kristien De Proost left the artistic core of Tristero to concentrate on writing, more solo work and meetings with new artists. She worked on a first novel and created the performance Simon, Garfunkel, My Sister & Me (2020) together with Bwanga Pilipili.

Besides her own trajectory as a maker, she works as a performer with directors and artists such as Julian Hetzel and Milo Rau. For her role as Bojana Fuchs in All Inclusive by Julian Hetzel & CAMPO, she was nominated for a Theo D'Or in 2019 in Amsterdam.

Kristien De Proost also acted in films, including Problemski Hotel (2015), The Best of Dorien B (2019) and Ritual (2022), and in TV series, including De Twaalf (2019). 

Along with Nathan Ooms, Lobke Leirens and Benjamin Cools, she starred in Indoor Weather (2022), a production by Bosse Provoost and Ezra Veldhuis.

In September 2022 her newest performance, In the Middle of Nowhere, premiered at CAMPO.