• © Leontien Allemeersch

Nein is a curatorial platform led by artist/curator Laurens Mariën. On his search for alternative exhibition formats (architectural/conceptual) he connects various art forms and professionals, creating emerging programs.
For the festival Enter Through The Void, Exit Through The Gift Shop Mariën transformed together with curator Adriënne van der Werf the CAMPO victoria site into a wellness resort with performances, visual arts, debates, music and whirlpools. Nein also developed earlier - in collaboration with Leontien Allemeersch - the project On Ice, an expo on an existing ice ring in Ghent. Both projects were supported by CAMPO. In the past he also worked together with architect Joris Kerremans from collective F.O.T.A..

Apart from being a curator, Laurens Mariën is also musician (Soldier’s Heart, Dolly Bing Bing, Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe, …) and artist.

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