During the Drama Festival / GRADUATION 2023 (18 > 25 June) master students of KASK Drama present their graduation work. Expect reverse and classical drama, crossovers, performances and multidisciplinary projects. Discover the three performances to be seen at CAMPO here:

In DO YOU LOVE HER? three Little Friends live in a timeless space. Together they try to give meaning to the shreds that drift in from another reality. Lacking context and experience, they play with meaning and intention. Thus they explore the implications of being seen and not seen, of looking and not looking, of holding and not holding.

In Language: no broblem Marah Haj Hussein asks how one's relationship changes to one's mother tongue change when one begins to master other languages. What power dynamics arise when one speaks more than one language? Based on recordings made in person in Palestine, this work attempts to spatialize different voices, in the form of conversations in Palestinian Arabic around the language itself.

BUG tells the story of Gregor's family, who are confronted with a "Bug," with something different. The social values the family represents are shaken, forcing the family to look at life in a different way. The Bug sneaks into the story, the Bug sneaks into the theatrical context.