We start our fall programme with the first group performance by Anna Franziska Jäger & Nathan Ooms. Two years after Ambient Theatre Fury, which was shown in several places in Europe, Jäger & Ooms loosely take on the coming-of-age genre in Modesta (play of language and lips), with performers Rosie Sommers, Christine De Smedt and Arthur Loontjens.

Another performance by young creators - a collaboration with detheatremaker - will premiere at CAMPO in November. After F A G G O T S, which was shown at Theater Aan Zee, Love at first Sight and Festival Cement, Tibau Beirnaert & Laurens Aneca have started a new collaboration: Zero Feet Away.

In November, Haribo Kimchi, Jaha Koo's new creation, will finally be seen in his hometown of Ghent. Haribo Kimchi will premiere in St Pölten in Austria at the end of this month and will then pass through Hamburg, Ostend, Ljubljana and Kyoto. The show is set in and around a pojangmacha, a typical snack bar that can be found scattered across the streets of South Korea at night. There we meet several lost souls: a youtuber, an eel, a toad and a rice cooker.

In November, CAMPO will host another premiere, this time of STAN & De Roovers' new creation. Starting point of Revolutionary Road is Richard Yates' confrontational novel of the same name, in which a seemingly happy couple suddenly want to destroy each other.

We also eagerly await Laurie & Lou, a new play by DE HOE with which Mitch Van Landeghem & Carine van Bruggen conclude their period with the company. As the title of the piece suggests, the creation presents a pseudo-musical portrait of Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed.

At the end of October, we will receive the debut of Ferenc Balcaen, already one of the most promising creators in the Brussels and Flemish performing arts landscape. With SCAPEGOAT, he impressed on the stages of DE SINGEL in April. Balcaen takes you to an environment in the inferno, where time stands still and there is no distinction between day and night.

In a new series of The Nightlife Performances, CAMPO and VIERNULVIER together explore the fascinating twilight zone between clubbing and performance with a double bill featuring While we are here by Lisa Vereertbrugghen and the lecture Spaces for the Night by Jozef Wouters.

Those who missed Get Off, CAMPO's first collaboration with British Katy Baird, in April, will get a second chance in November.

Then, in Dark Habits, Simon Van Schuylenbergh, together with other performers from Ne mosquito pas' network, brings five short group performances in which they talk about unspoken morality.

And last but not least, there will be another co-presentation with our friends from VIERNULVIER in December. In The Dan Daw Show, Dan Daw and performer Christopher Owen straddle the line between dance and theatre.