... opens its doors to anyone who wants to meet or bring together.

CAMPO supports ideas for and by local residents and organisations who want to revitalise the area in and around Boma Street. 

 Do you have an idea of your own that THE BOMA can support? Manuel from CAMPO will be happy to help. Contact: manuel@campo.nu



On 9 June 2022 IN-Ghent organised an Open-bar where residents of Ghent and new inhabitants of Ghent could meet each other in a new, fun and relaxed way.

Marc is an artist who, after a long and bumpy journey between hospitals and institutions, wanted to show how he deals with his bipolar vulnerability. Through drawings, paintings, installations, sculptures and film recordings (which he exhibited on June 11th 2022), he tells his story. In doing so, he hopes to break the taboo around people with mental vulnerability and make the topic discussable.

LUCA School of Arts graduation exhibition
The third bachelors of Textile Design presented their graduation work.

Neighbourhood snack
THE BOMA opened its doors to anyone who wanted to meet or get together. The whole neighbourhood was welcome to come by and meet each other and THE BOMA in a casual setting. Refu Interim provided the snacks, Syrian coffee and Moroccan tea.