Originally developed by Jessie Mill within the framework of the Canadian Festival TransAmériques (FTA) as a basis for inspiring support for local arts practices on the one hand and the development of an open dramaturgic platform on the other, the Cliniques Dramaturgiques are evolving into an intercontinental collaboration with a first Ghent edition in collaboration with Belgian partners arts centres CAMPO and nona and Canadian partners FTA and LA SERRE – arts vivants.

For this project, Les enfants du garage brings together eight international dramaturgs for a conversation on dramaturgical practices in support of various artistic processes. Not "what is dramaturgy" forms the subject of this four-day event but "how do we do it".

Moreover, based on this focus, for the Ghent edition the Cliniques invite several local artist-dramaturg duos to give an insight into their dramaturgical dialogue during An abundance of dramaturgical voices. On the same day, Jeroen Peeters will present his new book And then it got legs: notes on dance dramaturgy.

In addition, at scheduled moments, the dramaturgs present will make their expertise available to local artists free of charge. They can sign up for a 90min dramaturgy tête-à-tête during which an intensive and enthusiastic listening and reflection around their specific practice will be offered.

Invited dramaturgs: Bart Van den Eynde, Émilie Martz-Kuhn, Jessie Mill, Riccardo Fazi, Sara Vanderieck & Yohayna Hernandez joined by Audrey Apers & PAX.

This edition of the Cliniques Dramaturgiques is possible thanks to the financial support of Stad Gent – Cultuur Gent and the grant for cultural collaboration Flanders-Quebéc 2021-2023