On Thursday December 1st, at the invitation of the KVHV, Filip Dewinter will give a lecture at UGent on the population theory. This theory is not an opinion but a racist conspiracy theory that was partly behind the holocaust. This is a call for hatred, dehumanisation and violence, things that have no place in a democratic society.

A broad platform of students, UGent lecturers and representatives of Ghent's civil society opposes the spread of this dangerous and violent conspiracy theory. CAMPO also supports this action. 

Besides a petition, there will be a march through Ghent's student district on the evening of the racist lecture, on Thursday 1 December. This will be followed at 7pm by the closing event 'Nie pleuje voor haat en racisme' (don't fold for hate and racism) in Kunstencentrum VIERNULVIER. Several speakers and artists will react there against the normalisation of the extreme right.

Be sure to come, we will be there too! 

17:30: gathering at the Blandijn
18:20: march to De Vooruit
18:45: closing event in Theaterzaal, De Vooruit (start: 19h)

Partners of this action: 8 mei-coalitie, Kif Kif, Hart Boven Hard, Umoja, Vermeylenfonds, ABVV Oost-Vlaanderen, Samenleving & Politiek, vzw Vrede, CAMPO, Gents Kunstenoverleg, Masereelfonds, Hand-in-Hand Gent, Burgerplicht, #GentZonderGrenzen, Ha Concerts, Een Hart voor vluchtelingen Gent, Aifoon, LOD Muziektheater, Jong Groen, Jongsocialisten, Comac Studenten, TSG ‘t Zal Wel Gaan, Actief Linkse Studenten, Arts centre VIERNULVIER.