Out of the Blue
Silke Huysmans & Hannes Dereere 

Out of the Blue premiered at Kunstenfestivaldesarts in May 2022. In the midst of a long tour, the show also finally came home to CAMPO at the end of October. After a series of performances that took them not only to Ostend and Antwerp but also Paris, Prague and Lisbon last year, the duo will bring their first performance of the new year on February 2nd in Beveren. At the end of the month they travel to Milan for two more performances.


Lolling & Rolling
Jaha Koo

For Lolling & Rolling, Jaha Koo delved into the phenomenon of tongue-tie surgery, a procedure performed in South Korea to pronounce the English tongue tip-r. In doing so, he touched on linguistic imperialism in his native country. The show was in Vancouver and Montreal just last month; it can be seen in Geneva in mid-February! In between touring, Jaha is working on new work at CAMPO, scheduled for 2023.


Lullaby for Scavengers
Kim Noble 

A fox, a maggot and a (singing) dead squirrel are Nobles' companions in his quest for friendship and acceptance. As gripping as it is unsettling: a performance about big feelings, wishes and dreams, fear and loneliness, as well as humour. Lullaby for Scavengers was performed for the fourth (!) time at CAMPO earlier this month, on 16 and 18 February it will be Mechelen and Ostend respectively. 


In the Middle of Nowhere
Kristien De Proost

Why is the middle of the train always fuller than the ends? Where does the average person live? What is the middle of infinity? 

In In the Middle of Nowhere, Kristien De Proost and Brazilian performer Frederico Araujo focus on the paradox of the middle: how humans simultaneously want to belong to others and stand out from them. The performance premiered at CAMPO last September and travels to Amsterdam for two evenings at the end of this month, before ending the month in Deinze.