Discoveries, discoveries and more discoveries! One of CAMPO's missions is to show work by unknown national and international creators. It has long been in our DNA.

Teresa Vittucci, Frankie, Jaha Koo and Julian Hetzel are just a few examples of names that have come up in recent years.

To discover those pearls with you, we are pairing them with our 5XCAMPO. If you purchase the card, you can see these new names at work.

First up is British artist Ira Brand who will be at CAMPO for the very first time on Feb. 1 & 2 with the performance Ways To Submit, about domination and submission, about how we give in and how we take control. 

How can you attend for free? Book as usual with your 5XCAMPO, you keep your turn. No 5XCAMPO yet? Buy it here!