In the Middle of Nowhere
Kristien De Proost

Why is the middle of the train always more crowded than the ends? Where does the average person live? What is the middle of infinity? 

In In the Middle of Nowhere, Kristien De Proost and Brazilian Frederico Araujo focus on the paradox of the middle: how we simultaneously want to belong to others and stand out from them. The performance premiered last September at CAMPO and travels to Mol early this month, before moving on to Tilburg.

Lolling & Rolling
Jaha Koo

For Lolling & Rolling, Jaha Koo delved into the phenomenon of tongue-tie surgery. In doing so, he touched on linguistic imperalism in his native country. Anno 2021 Jaha reworked this performance, now also exploring the more extensive process involved, which seeks to silence the "subaltern," the minorities. The performance was in Geneva last month; this month it is Taiwan's turn. In between touring, Jaha is working on new work at CAMPO, scheduled for 2024. 


Lullaby for Scavengers
Kim Noble

A fox, a maggot and a (singing) dead squirrel are Nobles' companions in his quest for friendship and acceptance. A performance about big feelings, wishes and dreams, fear and loneliness, and humor. Lullaby for Scavengers was in CAMPO for the fourth (!) time in February. From March until mid-April, the performance will be back at the Soho Theatre in London some twenty times, after a sell-out first run in September.


Jaha Koo

In bittersweet and funny dialogues, Jaha Koo takes you on a trip through the last two decades of Korean history in Cuckoo. In it, he combines personal experiences with political events and reflections on happiness, economic crises and death. In the process, he questions how to grow up in a society full of problems such as youth unemployment and socio-economic inequality. To be seen in Taiwan in March!



After the successful Laguna Beach (2019), the members of Frankie are back with something new, and this time they take a more sophisticated approach. In L.I.A.R., they go looking for answers like a bunch of serious scientists in a self-assembled laboratory. To be seen this month in Leuven, Ostend and Aarschot!


The History of Korean Western Theatre
Jaha Koo

The History of Korean Western Theatre completes Jaha Koo's Hamartia Trilogy, in which he raises questions about tradition, self-censorship and authenticity. A feat of intelligent documentary theater, in which Jaha interweaves personal stories with historical, political and sociological facts. To be seen this month in Taiwan!