This week BOK opens its temporary school for four public learning days in Ghent's Zonder-Naampark. Discover the whole programme here! 

You can find more information about the BOK public learning days on this page

WED 8/03

15:30 - BOK café 

16:00 - Victoria

how to live and survive on your own as a young Venezulian woman

17:00 - Maria

music as a support to learn and to overcome obstacles in life


THU 9/03

15:30 - BOK café

16:00 - Zahra

patience is a process

17:00 - Liezel

feeling the fungi love

18:00 - Melika

"amagi": freedom as returning to mother, story of a Belgian-Iranian activist


FRI 10/03

15:30 - BOK café

16:00 - Chiara

redistributing living spaces so that there is space for everyone

17:00 - Mark

how to approach each other: learning from Surinamese conviviality

18:00 - Pierre

making room for humanity in an overcrowded prison

19:00 - Mohannad

Refu Interim or how local organizations and newcomers can learn from their mutual experience


SAT 11/03

12:00 - BOK café

12:30 - Mohammed

"me and him"

13:45 - Jean Begy

how I reached my goal to become a chef, and my way out of addiction

14:45 - Priyanka

how to raise a child who laughs a lot but doesn't speak

16:00 - Jolien

young and chronically sick: my body, my truth

17:15 - Avin

being an artist as a Kurdish woman