• © Simon Lenskens

  • © Simon Lenskens

  • © Philippe Digneffe

  • © Simon Lenskens

Selection #NieuwJong het TheaterFestival 2019


Frankie’s universe is fragmentary, messy and imperfect, but also cinematic, humorous and moving. On the stage, the interaction between the live music and the mechanically powered installations creates an expanding scene in which shrill guitars, noise, screeching, worn-out puppets, fishing line and wood play the leading parts. Ranging from utter failure to tropical idyll, the cheerful naivety of Laguna Beach is always disarming.

Frankie is Simon Lynen, Vincent Lynen, Brecht Hayen, Jef Staut and Timo Fannoy. The group combines sound and image in several installations midway between performance and concert. Gradually, they create situations that do not necessarily have to be narrative in nature. Whichever medium they use – video, TV, live music or animation – the nonchalance and atmosphere of their workshop deliberately find their way onto the stage.

Frankie is backed up in a long-term cooperative venture by the Ghent arts centre CAMPO. This first production is the result of several short periods in residence.