After some cautious try outs last year, followed by a much appreciated premiere on TAZ, TO BREAK – The Window of Opportunity is now for the first time on show in Ghent in its final version. 

Robust, honest materials lay scattered along a desolate plain. Wood, metal and some plastic here and there. Besides that: emptiness. In what wilderness have we found ourselves? Are we in Saudi-Arabia? Arizona? Is it an abandoned beach? Little by little, the landscape is filled with colour and the elements come to life ingeniously. From then on, we leave on a road trip across time and its Window of Opportunity.

Previously, the young makers Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert – alchemists of the visual arts, cowboys of slapstick – were the creative minds behind A journey into space in CAMPO. Their second creation TO BREAK – The Window of Opportunity is a visual installation brought to life, with an inevitable ending.

The Jury of The Theatre Festival 2015 selected this performance for Circuit X, supporting surprising performances by young artists who are not known to the general public.