For Jake & Pete’s big reconciliation attempt for the disputes from the past the brothers Jakob and Pieter Ampe start just from the fact that they are brothers, both born in Burundi, both with a lot of good ánd bad memories from their youth. Pieter has since become dancer, choreographer and resident artist at CAMPO (Still Difficult Duet, Still Standing You), while Jakob graduated as a voice coach and is a singer with The Germans. 

Spot the differences or stay misled by their striking similarity: on stage, these brothers don’t make it easy for us. At first it seems as if they are constructively engaged with each other, and with the stack of cubes in the space. Their actions resemble exercises in humility. They are of a hallucinating simplicity and offer proof of a belief in efficiency. Their attempts to avoid every possible conflict are hilarious.

But who benefits from this consensus? Is it the one who steals the show with a sensitive voice or is it he who becomes part of the furniture without any apparent effort?

Nothing is what it seems, details become important, positions shift, and an innocent song can ultimately be sung off pitch.