After Still Difficult Duet (2007), the first choreographic encounter between the Belgian Pieter Ampe and the Portuguese Guilherme Garrido, in Still Standing You the two dancers open up a boxful of dance passages and in their own mischievous way give us a glimpse of their kaleidoscopic view of friendship.

With a dance idiom entirely their own – distinct from anything else going on in contemporary dance – they shamelessly seek out what they mean to each other. What is the relationship between them? Are they friends, partners, lovers, rivals or even enemies?

The only instrument they can use is their own body, the irony of their displays of muscle, the intensity of this boyish friendship, the capacity to turn one’s own limitations into virtuosity and the ability to combine all this into a dynamic performance in which ruggedness, anger and love are entwined in one great physical and all-encompassing embrace.

The only thing they know for sure, is that they are ‘partners in crime’, the Indian and the cowboy that ride their horse through the bumpy hills in direction of the sunset…