On 13th May 2015, Jan Martens and Peter Seynaeve conclude their tour of two years at home. 20:30 at CAMPO nieuwpoort.

In VICTOR it’s the bodies that speak. A duet by two bodies, a man and a child. One has already come a long way, the other wants to grow as soon as possible. A sensual game of muscle, but also a power game with unequal weapons. A little story about big and honest, strong and innocent, but above all about wanting to be close. An intimate portrait of a relationship.

In VICTOR the theatre-maker and actor Peter Seynaeve and choreographer and dancer Jan Martens are creating a performance together for the first time. The pieces they have both made previously were in the first place portraits – portraits of individuals, but also of relationships. In addition, VICTOR provides a dance-based response to the earlier work with children onstage (for an adult audience) that was produced at CAMPO.

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