• Untitled - Sarah Vanhee


Untitled is an ongoing project in different cities, in collaboration with several art venues and local citizens. It takes place in the private homes of people who live in the neighborhood of the art venue.

On appointment, the individual visitor rings the doorbell of a house. The person living there will introduce the visitor to those objects in the house that he or she considers art via a personal story and reflect on his/her personal relation with art in general.

What is the status of those objects at people's homes in relation to the works that are shown at official art venues? What are the language, the perspectives, the narratives involved in this conversation on art? And what do the artworks reveal or disguise about the respective worlds they are part of, the people who brought them there?

Two strangers, two histories, two idioms meet on private terrain. One is the guest and voyeur; the other allows to be looked at, via the art objects. Through this encounter, both of them co-produce meaning and become part of an artwork that deals with different formal protocols.

Untitled was developed from two main perspectives, on the one hand reflecting on the seemingly inextricable conjunction between theory and object in recent art practice, the drift from an aesthetics of form towards an aesthetics of meaning; on the other hand confronting the current political reality that openly calls into question the value of art for a society.