• Amanda van Hesteren, Mama en ik: ja maar nee, maar ja

  • Lara Verheijden, Coco

  • Helen Flanagan, Gestures of Anatomy


  • Yonas Seyoum

  • Ghita Skali, Ambitious Chicken

The film program is continuous and focusses a.o. on identity and culture.

Films by Ghita Skali, Helen Flanagan, KIRAC, Yonas Seyoum, Lara Verheijden & Amanda van Hesteren.

Ghita Skali, Ambitious Chicken
What happens when an advertisement is used to make a video artwork? This short animation will show how a young chicken dreams of becoming a shawarma and how she is constantly being held back by an older generation.

Helen Flanagan, Gestures of Anatomy
Five characters walk into a launderette: a sex worker, a man, a homeless person and two girls. The social fabric comes together and they each discuss their relationship with seen and unseen regulations of society. This film was filmed in Ghent and is the second part of a tryptich.

KIRAC, several episodes 
In the films of Keeping It Real Art Critics (KIRAC) bounces into institutions, art dealers, artists, and other members of the cultural establishment, creating new artistic territory as they go. The recurring characters are living out their own cultural/mythological search for truth.

Amanda van Hesteren, Mama en ik: ja maar nee, maar ja
In the shortfilm of Amanda van Hesteren she elaborates on the sharp contradictions between her and her
mother. For the young filmmaler the opinions of her mother come across as pro-black and anti-white. Is their
mother-daughter relationship strong enough for their difference in opinion?

Yonas Seyoum
The videos and installations of Seyoum take part in indefinite digital produced environments. With a dose
of melancholy and illusion you’ll dive into places where time and space don’t seem to exist.


Lara Verheijden, Coco 
What happens if a heavily pregnant woman has doubts a week before the birth? While they are taking a bath together, young film maker Lara Verheijden interviews her childhood friend Coco about cheating, sex, motherhood and love. What would initially only be a delivery film develops into an honest and shocking portrait, where the viewer gets a glimpse into a world where you would normally not expect cameras.


Is part of the festival Enter Through The Void, Exit Through The Gift Shop

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