• Kill All Normies - Rodrigo Batista / KASK & CAMPO

The Brazilian theatre maker Rodrigo Batista will set up an experimental performance laboratory in Ghent for five weeks. Together with KASK students, they will explore the so-called “Alt-Right” and its technologies, aesthetics and motivations. The search will result in a fierce KASK/CAMPO co-production in which numerous processes of oppression are exposed and indicted.


This performance might contain pornography, misogyny, homophobia, chaos, something that looks like animal abuse but isn’t, waterboarding, bad acting, flag desecration, terrorism, sexual abuse, meat-eating, nudity, homosexuality, pornography, smoking hot performers, food waste, racialization, game violence, frogs, lesbianism, randomness, overstimulation, strobe light, butts, gluten and weapons.


free with reservation via info@campo.nu / 90 minutes