• Johannes is zijn naam

    © Jana Van Brussel

You may know Johannes Verschaeve as the pleasantly deranged frontman of the late The Van Jets, with whom he made just about every major stage unsafe. Now the Ostend native from Ghent surprisingly debuts solo as Johannes Is Zijn Naam. Poetic, Dutch-language lyrics meander between hissing rhythm boxes and primitive synths. Johannes as a lone crooner at the microphone.   

On his self-titled debut (which includes the singles Johnny Will Be King and Apparaat) you hear music ... yes ... and also ... words, images, scenes, a character, ... or a magical amalgam of it all. In Johannes In Het Theater, Johannes Verschaeve slips his solo act into the theatre, with even more room for word, image and act. More stories. More fog. More getting lost. 


Language no problem
60 minutes


Verschaeve is more than just a good musician, writer and singer. He really brings a character to life with his performance.

Dansende Beren – Emma Vierbergen,

After The Van Jets: Johannes Verschaeve as an elusive troubadour

De Standaard – Tom Zonderman,

Johannes Verschaeve crawls into the skin of a tragicomic crooner with a poetic soul.

De Standaard – Tom Zonderman,