“It will be a little bit funny, once in a while, a true three-star show.”  Kim Noble


After Kim Noble Will Die and You’re not Alone, Kim Noble is currently working on a new solo performance within his trilogy on loneliness and friendship. A fox, a baby and a dead yet singing squirrel are his accomplices. This new creation will be released through a series of try-out performances that will take place in the course of spring, summer and autumn 2020.


Kim Noble is an award winning comedic performance and video artist. His multi-disciplined approach has led him to work across theatre, TV, film, art and comedy. Kim’s work uses a provocative and humorous style to expose the human condition: notions of death, sexuality, gender and religion are picked at with dry comedic use of tragedy meshed with absurdity. He has a girl’s name and no longer smells of wee.

He was one half of Perrier Award-winning, BAFTA-nominated experimental art-comedy duo Noble and Silver. At CAMPO, he previously created Wild Life FM together with Pol Heyvaert and Jakob Ampe.