This week, tg STAN presents the Belgian premiere of Jerusalem in CAMPO, by and with Scarlet Tummers & Atta Nasser. 

Atta Nasser, born in Jerusalem, and Scarlet Tummers, born in The Hague, meet each other on stage in a quest for identity and sense of purpose. Despite their differences and with their similarities, they want to examine the meaning of faith, both as a religious practice as in daily life. Belief is part of their world, entering it through their parents, partners and children. This conversation between two creators confronts themselves, each other and the audience with their interpretation of what Jerusalem stands for. 

Jerusalem was created within the framework of de medeSTANders, an initiative in which young makers develop a performance under the wings of tg STAN. Both Scarlet Tummers and Atta Nasser are already connected to the company: Atta was part of Move (on) and Orphans, Scarlet of Somnia and De Kersentuin. In 2020, she created A Separation, a STAN performance based on the eponymous Iranian film by Asghar Farhadi. 

Premiere on 1 & 2 December at 20:30 in CAMPO nieuwpoort! You can find more information here

Two people not from here   
Building a life 
A future 
Full of hope 
Jerusalem is their playground 
A place that symbolises a beginning   
The epicentre of three world religions 
Where an interminable struggle about ideologies and possession is played out   

It’s good that you are here 
It’s good that we are here 
It’s good that you left your country 
It’s good that this is your country now 
You can call this your country 
It’s good that you fell in love 
It’s good that you got married 
Is it good that we are married? 
It’s good that you have children 
You have two 
I have two 
It’s good that you have hope