"Brilliant according to some, disgusting according to others, unforgettable anyway", wrote the Belgian newspaper De Standaard about Lullaby for Scavengers. For those who have not yet seen the show: British performance artist, comedian and poet Kim Noble shares the stage with a cynical squirrel, a dead fox (yes, a real one) and Maggot, a scavenger he adopted as a daughter. "Lullaby for Scavengers is a deeply tragic and moving portrait of a man who knows how to turn his self-loathing into sublime art," De Standaard reports.

The performance - which was selected for The Theatre Festival 2022 - ran for nine days in September last year at a sell-out Soho Theatre in London, earning rave reviews in The Guardian and The Times. De Morgen and Focus Knack also had nothing but praise and included the performance in their year-end lists. In March 2023, the show was at the Soho Theatre for a second run of plays, this time it was there no less than 19 times. 

You can see Lullaby for Scavengers on 28 & 29 July. More info & tickets can be found on the website of Theater Aan Zee.